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DSI says approaching asteroid worth $195 million

A shame Deep Space Industries is not yet ready to mine space rocks. The asteroid currently approaching Earth is potentially worth $195 billion.

According to scientists, the 50-meter-wide Asteroid DA14 will not hit the Earth. But it will still pass within 27,680 kilometers of the our planet through the gap in between the orbits of geosynchronous GPS satellites and those of communications and weather satellites.

Deep Space Industries thinks five percent of the asteroid’s mass is recoverable water worth up to $65 billion. In addition, easily-mined iron, nickel, and other metals might make up another ten percent of DA14, adding another $130 billion.

DSI has already unveiled its plans to mine asteroids back in January 2013. It intends to begin launching a fleet of FireFly asteroid prospectors in 2015 and looks forward to mining DA14 and its ilk by 2020.

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