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NASA reveals SpaceX Dragon’s launch date to resupply Space Station

For the third time around, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation has been chosen by NASA to launch the next commercial cargo resupply mission which will take place on the 1st of March. SpaceX will be using its Dragon capsule to carry out the mission.

The spacecraft is expected to arrive at the Space Station on March 2, where it will proceed on providing 1,200 pounds of payload, including supplies for astronauts, equipment and scientific experiments. Among the experiments in the mission are numerous payloads from commercial space company Nanorack. This includes various payloads from high schools and self-funded projects.

On March 25, the Dragon spacecraft will return to Earth, carrying with it a payload of 2,300 pounds worth of equipment and experiment samples from the Space Station.

SpaceX has additionally signed contracts with the U.S. Air Force for two launch missions in 2014 and 2015, and a contract with Spacecom to launch their AMOS-6 satellite in 2015.

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