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Eutelsat 3D satellite preparing for launch on May

The 3D satellite of Eutelsat Communication is now in its final stage for the scheduled launch aboard an ILS Proton Breeze M rocket, which will blast off at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Built by Thales Alenia Space using the company’s Spacebus 4000 platform, Eutelsat 3D satellite weighs 5.4 tons and is designed to operate in orbit for a span of 15 years,

The satellite will be initially located at three degrees east orbital position to address high-growth video, data, telecom and broadband markets. Eutelsat’s new satellite will be able to serve customers in Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East via the configuration of Ku and Ka transponders connected to three footprints. Meanwhile, a fourth Ku-band service area will provide for markets in sub-Saharan Africa.

Once Eutelsat 3B is launched, the Eutelsat 3D satellite will change its orbital position to 7 degrees East. The upcoming Eutelsat 3B is scheduled to be launched next year to deliver spectrum growth and high levels of operational flexibility in C, Ku and Ka band.