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Newtec delivers VSAT system, IP satellite modems for Burkina Faso elections

Newtec VSAT units and IP satellite modems will provide satellite connectivity for the West African country of Burkina Faso during its municipal and legislative elections on December 2, 2012

Take a look at this VSAT system used by the military.

Take a look at this VSAT system used by the military.

Pacific Endeavor Event offered Intelsat-sponsored SatCom training

Last August 6 to 10, the Pacific Endeavor workshop in Singapore was the place to be for a satellite communications training courtesy of Intelsat, one of the world’s leading satellite communications companies. Pacific Endeavor is one of the largest events for both government and private organizations involved in the communications industry. 

This year’s event was keen on focusing on satellite communications, especially since Asia has remained as the most competitive region for the industry. Together with the Intelsat, the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) hosted a workshop for 21-25 students from Asia-Pacific regarding the installation and maintenance of VSAT systems. The bandwidth used for one of the workshop’s activity of installing antennas was from the Intelsat 22 satellite.

According to Intelsat’s Terry Bleakly, “There are now more satellites in orbit and more ground terminals in use than ever before, and this makes for a challenging radio frequency environment. It is only through industry partnerships and workshops like Pacific Endeavor that we can ensure reliable communications services continue to be available to all users around the world.”

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Satellite Teleport Services for Satellite Operations

Australian satellite companies operate huge VSAT or ground stations that are made up of uplinks interconnected with various components in mesh or star topology. Teleports can provide customized or short-term hosting and back-up solutions to businesses that rely on terrestrial networks. Teleports can fill the gap in signal transmission, especially when distance and network capacity pose a problem.

Backhaul refers to all the networks that bring the signals to the central station. In satellite communications, teleports can serve a crucial part of backhaul for terrestrial telecommunications and Internet delivery. Teleports can act as a back channel to fill the gap in Internet communications. Data speed, interference, relative costs and availability of radio frequency spectrum space affect the choice of backhaul.

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