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The Uses of Ku Band

Ku band stands for the electromagnetic spectrum brand lying below K-band. Ku is a symbol which stands for Kurz-unten, German for the band’s location under K band. It’s frequency range spans from 12-18 GHz and over the last two decades, has been primarily used for satellite communications service.

Sample of a Ku band satellite from NewSat

Commercial utilization of the band started in 1983, when NBC first uplinked its affiliated feeds to the Ku spectrum. Since then, the band has been used for a range of satellite applications which included broadcasting services, and even NASA’s own Tracking Data Relay Satellite - an application used by the ISS communications and the Space shuttle.

Aside from broadcasting, Ku band is also used for teleconferences, mobile truck feeds, communications trailers, and even educational program. It’s one of the crucial technologies used to provide remote connectivity in remote regions. Over the last decade, Ku band has also been used for internet from satellite mobile backhauling solutions, especially with the rise of mobile broadband applications.

Advantech Completes $1M worth of Orders from Asia

Canadian-based manufacturer of satellite, RF equipment and microwave systems, Advantech Wireless announced that is has recently completed orders of over $1 million on Pioneer-Class Mobile Antennas, iPoint Controllers and light weight Ku-band BUCs for a major SNG customer in Asia.

Ku band PIONEER Class Antennas are some of the most powerful and versatile payloads in the industry, equipped with SSPAs with power levels up to 400W Ku-Band or Extended Ku-Band in single thread or 1:1 redundant configurations. Its compact design allows it to be mounted into almost any kind of vehicle, giving customers world-class satellite finding technology. 

“Our customer was able to meet his critical deadlines because Advantech Wireless is a one-stop shop. Rather than having to procure satellite, antenna and RF components and deal with multiple vendors, the customer made 1 phone call and shortly after, we configured and delivered the complete solution, on-time!” said Advantech Wireless VP Sales for Asia, Harry Jiao. 


Is satellite broadband advisable for you?

Australia satellite companies make wireless communications and Internet connectivity possible in remote areas where there is no local telephone exchange and ADSL coverage. With satellite broadband, people in rural areas can enjoy full access to wireless broadband services. Satellite broadband works in the same way as Sky digital TV. This technology makes use of a satellite to transmit and receive data.

A satellite broadband system requires a satellite dish which makes it more costly than traditional broadband setup. However, improvements in satellite broadband standards and hardware are bringing down the costs.

Satellite broadband technology makes use of a dish network for transferring and receiving data. Satellite broadband is as fast as other broadband technologies. Satellite broadband speed can reach 2 Mbit/s (downstream) and 1 Mbit/s (upstream). By switching from dial-up to satellite broadband, you can browse websites 35 times faster. 

The  signal from the user’s transceiver is sent to a satellite many thousand miles away. The satellite will send the signal back to earth into the recipients’ transceiver. 

Why Use Satellite Broadband?

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Victoria Council Rejected Wireless and Satellite Broadband Plans

NBN Co informed the rural Victorian council that some of its residents will suffer from slower satellite services because the company’s application for new broadband infrastructure was rejected. The government-owned company issued a statement for residents in the Golden Plains Shire, west of Melbourne, explaining that their community would not get the benefit of faster wireless broadband after the local council refused to accept NBN’s application for the installation of new broadband towers.

KVH Chooses Andesat as mini-VSAT Broadband Reseller in South America


KVH Industries, Inc.,the world’s leading maritime VSAT provider, today named Andesat S.A., a leading provider of satellite communications in the Andean region of South America, a reseller for its mini-VSAT Broadband(SM) service and TracPhone(R) V-series satellite communications systems. 

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